The White Rabbit Small Animal Care’s Animal Assisted Activities.

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Animal Assisted Activities is given the name to activities that the animal helps with, which often refers to physical lifestyles activities that aid mental health and well-being. 

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) provide many opportunities for people of all ages to gain motivation, education, and / or recreational enhancement of the quality of our human lives.  Animal Assisted Activities can be held in a range of different locations and for many different purposes.

The Animals will be specially selected for the activity, we understand that there may be certain members of the team that you may like for your session and we will try our best to make this happen, however we do not guarantee which members of the team will be at a session.  All the animals are fully vaccinated, have regular health checks and training.  

The Activities we offer:

  • Attendance at Local shows, Gala’s, Fetes, Fairs and Fundraising Events.
  • Rabbit and Guinea Pig Grooming and handling workshops.
  •  Visits to Nursing Homes, Care Homes, schools, and other groups / organisations.

We are also able to run bespoke sessions so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have different requirements.